October 08, 2010

10 Months Old

Wow!! Isaac is 10 months old today.  In the past month he has really taken off with the walking.  He is almost running at times!!  Here are a few pictures I took this month.

The next picture is of Isaac's first experience with BBQ.  We took him to our favorite BBQ place North Main BBQ in Euless.  He loved the meat and chicken!

Some of his favorite foods include mac-n-cheese and pretty much any fruit or veggie you throw his way.  He loves the baby food ham, chicken and beef (as long as I mix it with something else).

He just recently started being able to drink from a bottle or sippy cup.  He has a favorite bottle and a favorite cup and loves when mom puts apple juice in.

He is just growing up so fast.  Just tonight I told the family the date for his first birthday party!! Now I just have to find a warm place to have it.  I'm not use to having December birthday parties.....Jordan is a May baby!

I can't wait to see what Isaac learns this next month.  He is such a smart kid and loves all the attention he gets from all of Jordan's friends!

And just for fun...Here is a picture of me one year ago...Wow..what a difference a year makes!!

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