September 22, 2010

Rainbows and Full Moons

The last two days have reminded me just how amazing our God is.

Yesterday, while rushing around trying to get ready and leave for cub scouts, we went out to find a beautiful double rainbow!  There is just something so calming about rainbows.  All the stress and anxiety I had been feeling that day left.  I watched the rainbow the entire way to scouts and when we got to the church for our meeting it got even brighter!  The first picture is of the rainbow outside our house and the next few are of it over the church.

As if that wasn't enough, tonight was a full harvest moon.  Tonight marks the end of Summer (HORRRAAYY!!!) and the begining of Fall.  The moon was huge and bright and absolutely beautiful.  It is hard to catch how pretty it is with my camera.  Chris and I were amazed that you could see the dark spots so clear.

I hope you too got to see these!

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